Place of awesome services

The gates of Purga-tori were open in 2019 for the first time. Purga-tori is located right after the security check and it’s the first part of the whole festival area. Almost all festival activities can be found there and it’s open before the whole festival area is open. Whether you wanted to go to a tent sauna, check the vendors or enjoy good food and drink, these all and more are available in Purga-tori!

Services in Purga-tori

More to be announced..


Would you like to find great clothes? Every year we have expanded the stand and it will happen the next year as well. You can get the bands’ as well as JSRF’s amazing merch. Come and pick up your own.

Tent sauna

Would you like to have a sauna in the park? This tent sauna has found its permanent place at the Purga-tori, next to the lake. There are seats for 8-10 people at the same time. If you would prefer warm washing water to a dip into the lake, there is a heater for water in the sauna. There’s no fees for using the tent sauna!


Are you lost or do you have a question? Our staff help you through the festival and e.g. earplugs and raincoats are available for purchase. Festival maps are also available here.


Are you thirsty? No problem! Cold drinks are available when Purga-tori is open. Check all the serving points from the area map closer to the event.