Things you should know

The festival area is located in Peurunka, Laukaa, approx. 25km from Jyväskylä.

Festival busses are running from Jyväskylä and Äänekoski. A parking area for cars is located on a field (about 1km from the festival area). There is a small parking fee. 

Address: Peurungantie 85, 41340 Laukaa. 


Safety and the entry to the festival

When arriving at the festival there is a security check at the festival gates to everyone, which ensures a safe environment for everyone. Get familiar with our instructions on what items are allowed and not at the festival. You can leave your belongings in the cloakroom, which is located between entry gates and the security check. 

There will be a first aid tent in the area where you can find the professional and nice staff of the Finnish Red Cross. The first aid people are also walking around the area. No matter if it’s a small cut or injuries, sudden attack, or you are just feeling dizzy – ask help from our first aid people!

If you notice something dangerous around you, please inform the nearest security staff. Let’s take care of each other! Aican Oy is responsible for the security at the festival Aican.

Required items

Allowed items

Prohibited items

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JSRF 2020/2021 

The tickets and the camping spaces bought for the JSRF 2020 / 2021 are valid for the JSRF 2022 as they are, so no action needed with them.
Accommodation at Peurunka

 If reservations are vacated for 2022, they will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to those who have queued for hotel accommodation for 2021. We will let you know if there are still rooms left for sale after that. 

Alcohol and the serving area

The whole festival area is an alcohol-serving area. You’re not allowed to bring your own drinks. You can get alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the area.


There is a guarded cloakroom in the festival area where you can leave your
belongings (with a cloakroom fee).


There are designated areas for smoking in the festival area. Please smoke only in designated areas

Paying methods and ATM

All general cards and cash are accepted at serving counters and vendors’ stands. The nearest ATM is located in Laukaa center (approx. 4km from the area).

Spa and gym

Peurunka spa and gym are open for festival guests during the event with an entry fee. The spa is free for guests who are staying at the hotel and camping.


The afterparty is held inside of Peurunka building. More information later.

Leaving the area

You can freely leave the area during the festival. There is a security check every time entering the area.


We care about the environment. We don’t have deposits for cans, but there are many recycling points in the area. Let’s keep the area clean together.


A personal assistant can come to the festival with the assisted person without a separate ticket. If the assisted person has a VIP-ticket, the assistant doesn’t need a separate ticket, but the VIP dinner will not be included to the assistant ticket.  To get in with the same ticket, both the assistant and the assisted person must be at the wristband changing station at the same time. There is a platform for disabled people in the festival area from where you can see well to both stages. Please notice the festival area is a park. An asphalt road goes through the area, and you can also get to the platform from that route. There are toilets for disabled people in the area and also inside of the Peurunka building. A parking lot for disabled people is located next to the entrance gates (it is allowed to park with a Trafi’s parking permit for disabled people). Nb! Unobstructed accessibility to everywhere in the area cannot be guaranteed.

Age limit

The age limit is 18 years with no exceptions. Be prepared to present an identity card.

Lost and found

You can look for lost and found items from the info tent during the festival, or from the hotel reception after the festival.


We need some extra hands before, during and after the festival. More information: tiina(at)