Dining at the Festival

Something small or starving? No worries, we’ve got it all! 

If you’re wondering about the location of these delicious options of eating, HERE’s the area map. 


Your stomach is grumbling and you feel like eating everything? Well, come and enjoy a delicious brunch and at the same time you can entertain yourself with the morning program, or try your luck at bingo. Could the day start any better?


Restaurant Villipeura

Opening hours 

Friday 11.30-14.00
Saturday 11.00-13.30

Menu Friday

Brunch 17,50€/person.

  • Berry smoothie L,G
  • House punch D,G
  • Bread rolls and croissants
  • Fresh salad and citrus vinaigrette D,G
  • Chicken and pasta salad L
  • Rustic potato and salmon salad D,G
  • Pickle D,G
  • Herrings D,G
  • Meatballs D,G
  • Bacon D,G
  • Traditional Swedish hash L,G
  • Fruit salad D,G
  • Quark pancakes and house jam  L
  • Coffee/tea
  • Sweets

Menu Saturday

Brunch 17,50€/person.

  • Green smoothie D,G
  • House punch D,G
  • Bread rolls and croissants
  •  Green salad and citrus vinaigrette D,G
  • Pasta and mettwurst salad L
  • Rustic potato and feta salad L,G
  • Pickle D,G
  • Herrings D,G
  • Frankfurters D,G
  • Meatballs D,G
  • Creamy chicken and bacon hash L,G
  • Fruit salad D,G
  • Quark pancakes and house jam L
  • Coffee/tea
  • Sweets


Food world always opens when the gates open, and closes every night at 1.30.


  • Vendace & Dip (blue cheese or garlic) L, (G)
  • Fried Vendace & Fries L, (G)
  • Fish & Chips L, G
  • Fish Burger L, G


  • Sausage & Fries L, G
  • Chicken Basket L, G
  • Bacon Loaded Fries L, G
  • Loaded Fries L, G, VEGETARIAN
  • Bacon Loaded Nachos L, G
  • Loaded Nachos L, G, VEGETARIAN


  • Brisket Burger L, (G)
  • Fried Chicken Burger L, (G)
  • Pulled Pork Burger L, (G)
  • Beyond Burger L, (G), VEGAN
  • Jackfruit Burger L, (G), VEGAN
  • Chicken Salad L, G
  • Greek Salad L, G, VEGETARIAN


  • Spring Rolls 
  • As a Sandwich or with Noodles:
    • Gochujang Fried Chicken  L, G
    • Bulgogi Pork L, G
    • Soy-Mirin Tofu L, G, VEGAN
    • Bulgogi Jackfruit L, G, VEGAN


Location at Beer Garden.

  • Grilled Sausage L,(G)
  • Chorizo L,(G)
  • Veggie L,(G),VEGAN


Choose Main Ingredient + Side + Sauce

Main Ingredients

  • Brisket  L, G
  • Fried Chicken  L, G
  • Pulled Pork  L, G
  • Crispy Fish L, G
  • Beyond Meat  L, G, VEGAN
  • Jackfruit  L, G, VEGAN

Side Dishes

  • Fries L, G
  • Mac & Cheese L
  • Coleslaw L, G
  • Grilled Sweetcorn  L, G, VEGAN

Dips & Sauces

  • Chili L, G, VEGAN
  • Chimichurri L, G, VEGAN
  • Blue Cheese L, G
  • Aioli  L, G, VEGAN

D = dairy free / L = lactose free / G = gluten free

Martta Café

Location in Purgatori.

You can get delicious sweet buns, Karelian pies, coffee and tea from the lovely Martta café.
The café is held by Kuusan Martat Association.

Opening hours

Open every day until 23.00

Terrace Pop Up!

Location outside of Restaurant Pata&Pannu.

Opening hours

Thursday 18.00-24.00
Friday 16.00-24.00
Saturday 16.00-24.00


  • Rock pig
  • Fried bird
  • Vege-Samuli

Bistro Nemo

Location in the spas lobby.

Burgers, pizzas and salads, as well as cafe products and soft drinks and alcohol.

Opening hours

Every day  9.00-23.00
(kitchen open 11.00-22.00)

Night snack

Location near the festival gate.

Opening hours

Every night at 00.00-04.00

Rock Buffet

Hotel Peurunka’s traditional Rock Buffet


Restaurant Pata&Pannu. 

Opening hours

Thursday 12.00-16.00 lunch buffet (14,50€)
Friday 15.00-21.00 Rock buffet (20€)
Saturday 15.00-21.00 Rock buffet (20€)

MENU Friday

  • Green salad, rucola, cucumber, tomato and mustard dressing  D,G
  • Beetroot and cabbage salad D,G
  • Tuna and pasta salad with pesto L
  • Bread rolls and cream cheese  L
  • Potatoes in smoked cheese and cream  L,G
  • Quorn and ratatouille D,G
  • Baked chicken  D,G
  • Hamburgers and pepper cream sauce  L,G
  • Popsicle stick
  • Coffee/tea

MENU Saturday

  • Green salad, rucola, cucumber, radish and mustard dressing D,G
  • Coleslaw  L,G
  • Tomato and mozzarella salad L,G
  • Country style bread and cream cheese L
  • Herb roasted new potatoes and rootvegetables D,G
  • Grilled vegetables and falafel D,G
  • Overcooked pork rib , rustic sausages BBQ  L,G
  • Lasagne  L
  • Popsicle stick
  • Coffee/tea

VIP Rock-Dinner

Rock Dinner is included in the VIP ticket, and it is served daily in Restaurant Peurankello at 17.00-20.00. 


  • Green lettuce and sprout salad and herb oil D,G
  • Pickled vegetables D,G
  • Coleslaw D,G
  • Spicy bean and cheese salad L,G
  • Herb marinated grilled vegetables D,G
  • Country style bread and cream cheese spread L
  • Grilled pork tenderloin and pepper-whiskey sauce L,G
  • Tandoor vegetable and chicken D,G
  • Spicy lentil and rice casserole D,G
  • New potatoes and rootvegetables D,G


  • Green lettuce and sprout salad and herb oil D,G
  • Cherry tomatoes spiced with garlic D,G
  • Green vegetableslaw L,G
  • Popcorn chicken and cheese salad L,G
  • Rustic potato salad with salmon and shrimps D,G
  • Country style bread and cream cheese spread L
  • Overcooked pork neck with cola-bbq sauce D,G
  • Grilled chicken and mango-raja sauce L,G
  • Teriyaki tofu and sesame roasted vegetables D
  • Potato with herbs D,G


  • Green lettuce and sprout salad and herb oil D,G
  • Citrus spiced coleslaw D,G
  • Pickled vegetables D,G
  • Tomato and mozzarella salad L,G
  • Potato and radish salad L,G
  • Bread and cream cheese spread L
  • Sweet chili glazed chicken and yogurt dressing L,G
  • Overcooked beef neck and dark malt sauce D
  • Pulled oat and noodle wok D
  • Potato with cheese and cream L,G

D = dairy free / L = lactose free / G = gluten free / VL = low-lactose