How to get here

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Arriving to the area

The festival area is located in Laukaa, approx. 25 km from Jyväskylä, in the Peurunka Hotel area.

The easiest way to get to the festival are is by festival bus. Festival buses run from Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Äänekoski (read more here). For those arriving by car, there is a field parking area (P1) “Peltoparkki” near the area, where you can park for a small fee. Note! The road leading to Peurunka is closed from the intersection of Peurungantie and Harjutie, from which only drivers with a driving permission can proceed. Campers (tent&caravan) have their own free parking area “P6”.

In order for the traffic to be smooth and to avoid dangerous situations, we ask you, the festival guests, to be calm, to drive slowly, and to follow the instructions of the traffic controllers. Thank you!

Address of the festival area: Peurungantie 85, 41340 Laukaa.
Field parking (P1) address (follow the signs from the point): click here to open Google Maps

Parking area map

From Helsinki Airport to Jyväskylä

For full instructions click here.


One of the nicest experiences that Finland offers to the tourists is the beautiful landscape that you can appreciate traveling by train. Finland is known as “the country of the thousand lakes”, which you can enjoy from the train ride.

 You can find the train station under the terminal. Train takes about 30 min to arrive at Helsinki railway station, if you are going to the Helsinki city center area. 

There are various routes between Helsinki airport to Jyväskylä travel center (Matkakeskus), you can buy the tickets in advance on the website You can also check the timetables and the fares.


You can find the bus station outside the arrivals hall. There are a lot of routes that operate between Helsinki airport to Helsinki city center. You can check the timetable and purchase tickets from the ticket machines at the train platforms or on the HSL website that is in English and it is easy to use. 

When you are in Helsinki, you have to head off to the bus station in Kamppi, it is about 9 min of walking from the railway station. You can buy the bus tickets from Helsinki center to Jyväskylä travel center (Matkakeskus in Finnish) in advance when you are planning your travel from Matkahuolto or Onnibus. The websites are in English and are easy to use.  

If your plane arrives in the middle of the night, there is one night express bus that goes straight from the Helsinki- Airport to Jyväskylä. Express bus departure platforms are in front of the terminal. You can check the fare and buy the ticket in advance from Matkahuolto or Onnibus.

From Jyväskylä to the festival area

If you are staying in Jyväskylä, John Smith Rock Festival offers buses to take you to Peurunka, straight to the festival area. You can check the timetables and fares on our festival bus page. You can get single tickets for the day or a bus pass per day or for the whole festival, the instructions and bus stops are on the website. 

Field parking

There are roadside signs to the parking area when arriving from every direction, you can find your way there by following the P1 signs. You can drive to the field park via Vehniäintie and Hiekkapolku/Harjutie.

The parking area is located about 800 meters from Hotel Peurunka. Parking costs 5 euros / car per day and parking can be purchased at once for several days. Payment can be made by card or cash. There is a marked route from the field to the hotel, part of the route is not paved (not asphalt).

Field parking opens on Thursday at 2.00 pm, Friday at 11.30 am and Saturday at 10.30 am. On Sunday, field parking is open from 9 am to 1 pm.

Parking is at your own risk, as the field does not have its own security guards. The staff will be there according to the field parking opening hours. Please note that it is a field, so the environment must be kept clean! There are recycling points in the parking area.

NOTE! Staying overnight in the field parking is strictly prohibited! The caravan area is sold out for the year 2023, see more in camping. Those staying at the campsite have their own, separate parking lot “P6”, where tent campers can also take their cars. See more below.

Parking for Peurunka hotel guests

Accommodations at Hotel Peurunka include free parking in front of the hotel for one car per room reservation. Any other cars with the same room reservation must be driven to the field park (P1), where the parking fee is 5 euros / car / day.

Hotel Peurunka offers all those staying at the hotel, a free ride on Lillijuna (street train) from the field park to the hotel on Thursday from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm (show the Lillijuna driver the hotel reservation confirmation). On Sundays, there are no longer traffic restrictions, so the Lillijuna no longer runs.

You can take luggage on the Lillijuna. If you absolutely need to take your luggage to the hotel with your own car, you can leave it at the designated spot in front of the hotel. NOTE! The car must not stay parked in front of the luggage spot for any longer. When the luggage is outside, the car must continue immediately to the parking lot. In this way, traffic stays smooth in front of the hotel, and the emergency access roads are not blocked.


By the way, you don’t have to walk if you don’t want to! With the Lillijuna, you can conveniently ride from the field parking area directly to the bus stop next to the festival area. Ride is €4/person (payment by cash or card).

The Lillijuna runs:

THURSDAY from 2 pm to 9 pm
FRIDAY from 2 pm to 8 pm
SATURDAY from 1 pm to 7 pm

(Or as long as there are customers)


Camping includes a free parking space in area P6. The parking area is open on Thursday 20.7. at 12 pm until Sunday 23.7. 2 pm. Those who come to tent camping with their own car can also park in P6. All those arriving at the camping will be sent an e-mail with information about how the traffic arrangements will be handled about a week before the event. Remember to check your spam folder!

Parking for disabled people

You can park in the disabled parking space with a disabled people parking permit issued by Trafi. Be prepared to present the permit to the traffic controllers.

Bringing / picking up friends

If you get a ride from a friend – you can hop out and hop in at the designated area (“Tuonti- ja hakuliikenne” on the map) on Harjutie. You can not get any closer.


The taxi stand in front of Hotel Peurunka will be temporarily moved to the lower parking lot of the Peurunka ice hockey hall (see map) from Thursday 9 am to Sunday 9 am. Otherwise, the taxi stand is normally in front of Hotel Peurunka.

Festival bus

We recommend traveling with the festival buses! The buses run from Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Äänekoski. The bus stop is located right next to the festival gates. Tickets are sold in advance in the online store, read more here: Festival bus.


Motorcycles can be parked for free along Peurungantie near the entrance, see the map.

Public transport

Public transport buses also operate in Peurunka during the event. The bus stop in front of Hotel Peurunka will be temporarily moved from Thursday 9 am to Sunday 3 pm to the same stop where the festival buses also go to. Check the schedules at the Linkki website.