John Smith – Rock Festival 2018


And so it is time to publish our summer 2018 Rock Festival! Bands will be unveiled bit by bit on these pages. And please remember – you are more than welcome to take the good news forward…


As a young man I had a dream – A dream to bring a Rocking good event for Rocking good music in the small town of Laukaa! Not a single compromise with the bands just to fill up the days. I visualized an event with the top line Rock performers I have followed and listened myself. The ones that I would be ready ”To die for” on an open air gig in the middle of Finnish summertime. There are a lot of events to choose from nowadays, but I wanted to arrange one – Almost at any cost – to which I would really like to buy a ticket myself.



Well ok, the name of the event. As a young owner of local pub, the social media started to become rather important for marketing. At that time I did not really understand much of marketing or “SOME” itself, but the pub really needed webpages. A friend of mine created FB pages for the pub and other ones for myself to practice with. Mine was created on a name “John Smith” to stay anonymous when making jokes and offers on the pub pages. Pub was sold, new ones were bought, new events were arranged – But the name “John Smith” remained.

Since those days ”John Smith” has been updating the webpages of several pubs and musical events, some even arranged in the local churches =D It has become my living and breathing alter ego in the web and you can even find my playlists from Spotify with this name. And based on this foundation in Spotify – John Smith Rock Festival was born.



As said, bands are published little by little, a few in a month. For some, there is a story behind, for some not. But each one of them is part of me, part of John Smith. Each one of them has stayed with me from Walkman’s to Spotify.




John Smith Rock Festival will be arranged for the third time ever in summer 2018 in Laukaa, central Finland. Festival area will be built to the beautiful lakeside park next to the Peurunka Spa Hotel area (Peurungantie 85, 41350 Laukaa) with its restaurants and indoor arena. Will be worth visiting…



It is the easiest to travel from Helsinki to Jyväskylä by train. Train schedules and rates can be found from Cheap tickets are also available if travelling by bus

Festival shuttle bus transportation is available from the city of Jyväskylä (Harjukatu bus stop) and also from the city of Äänekoski. Transportation will arrive directly to the Festival area and will return back at night to the location of departure. “John Smith Rock Festival” signs are visible on the windscreen of the shuttle buses so there should not be any risk of getting to the wrong vehicle. Price of the Festival transportation is 5 Euros/direction/per person from Jyväskylä and 6 Euros/direction/per person from Äänekoski. Detailed transportation schedule and routes has published on the John Smith Rock Festival “Festival buses” web page. NOTICE! Tickets from/to Äänekoski are only available in advance. There are limited tickets available for the bus. Read more: and if you are coming from Äänekoski buy your tickets here. In case of any questions concerning the buses, please contact

Taxi from Jyväskylä to Peurunka costs approximately 50-60 Euros (27km). 



Event will take place on a sunny weekend in July, 20. – 21.7.2018, when based on our information there should not be any other Rock events in Finland. So please book it to your calendars NOW!



When arriving to the Festival area you may either show the Festival ticket from your mobile device or show the printed paper ticket. After showing the ticket and receiving your personal Festival wristband you may freely come in and go out of the Festival area. In case of any questions concerning the tickets, please contact

Age limit for the festival is 18! 

Tickets will be found behind ”osta liput”-button ->



Peurunka Spa Hotel has already been sold out for the Festival period. Tickets to the Festival area campsite are available here. Campsite is located right next to the Festival area. Unfortunately, also the hotels in the city of Jyväskylä are getting fully booked, but it is always worth asking for possible cancellations. Other available accommodations can be found via and 



Band set schedules will be published in April-May on the John Smith Rock Festival websites and in Facebook.



  • Camping chairs
  • Umbrellas
  • Systems cameras, video cameras, megaphones, walkie-talkies, drones, selfie sticks
  • Pets
  • Blades, weapons (Incl. replicas), laser pointers, fireworks, multifunction tools
  • Vests with attention colors similar to the ones used by the security guards
  • Bottles (Max 0,5l sealed or empty water bottles allowed), cans, alcohol drinks


Kindly reserve with you some cash in case of any malfunction of the payment terminal devices. Also, just in case, it is recommended to have your identity card with you. We are happy to answer any questions you might have either in Facebook of by mail to


You are warmly welcome to Rock ‘n Roll at the John Smith Rock Festival 2018!


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