John Smith Rock Festival



As a young man I had a dream – A dream to bring a Rocking good event for Rocking good music in the small town of Laukaa! Not a single compromise with the bands just to fill up the days. I visualized an event with the top line Rock performers I have followed and listened myself. The ones that I would be ready ”To die for” on an open air gig in the middle of Finnish summertime. There are a lot of events to choose from nowadays, but I wanted to arrange one – Almost at any cost – to which I would really like to buy a ticket myself.



Well ok, the name of the event. As a young owner of local pub, the social media started to become rather important for marketing. At that time I did not really understand much of marketing or “SOME” itself, but the pub really needed webpages. A friend of mine created FB pages for the pub and other ones for myself to practice with. Mine was created on a name “John Smith” to stay anonymous when making jokes and offers on the pub pages. Pub was sold, new ones were bought, new events were arranged – But the name “John Smith” remained.

Since those days ”John Smith” has been updating the webpages of several pubs and musical events, some even arranged in the local churches =D It has become my living and breathing alter ego in the web and you can even find my playlists from Spotify with this name. And based on this foundation in Spotify – John Smith Rock Festival was born.